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The International Gothic Association is a large family of academic researchers, students, artists and writers with a shared interest in all things Gothic. From the literary ghosts and vampires of the past, to the most contemporary representations of the strange, the horrific,  and the uncanny, our members have pioneered new research in Gothic Studies across disciplinary boundaries, genres, media, geographical locations and time periods.


  • My First Encounter with the Gothic: Krista Collier-Jarvis
    My first encounter with the Gothic precedes my knowledge of the existence of Gothic itself. As such, it can be quite difficult to pinpoint exactly where that encounter manifested…
  • From trashy romance novellas to studying the uncanny: my first encounter with the Gothic
    I’ve told this story before, I’m sure I have, but that’s the very nature of Gothic, isn’t it. It keeps coming back. My family background is an interesting mix of very down to earth farmers and people who cannot pass a bookshop without a purchase. There were always books in the house and I was always encouraged to read. To read for myself that is. For the longest time, I was quite upset that adults wouldn’t read to me until I fully understood reading myself also meant I was in control of what I read.
  • CFP: Anthropocene Gothic
    Around three hundred years ago, the Industrial Revolution increased the print left by human activity on planet Earth. In 2000, Paul J. Crutzen and Eugene F. Stoermer, the well-known atmospheric scientists, coined the term “Anthropocene” as a geological designation associated with the perceived and quantifiable impact of humankind on the ecological functioning of the planet’s atmosphere.


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