Prizes & Funding

Prizes, Conference Sponsorships and Bursaries

The Allan Lloyd Smith Prize

In 2011, as a memorial to its founding President Dr Allan Lloyd Smith (1945-2010), the International Gothic Association established a prize to be awarded for a scholarly publication considered to have advanced the field of Gothic studies significantly. Prizes for best monographs will be awarded at every IGA conference (every two years). 

The Justin D. Edwards Prize

In 2024, the International Gothic Association inaugurated a new prize to honour the memory of Justin D. Edwards, past co-president of the IGA and beloved colleague and friend. This prize recognises an edited collection considered to have significantly advanced the field of Gothic studies. Prizes for best monographs will be awarded at every IGA conference (every two years). 

Nominations process

Nominations may be submitted only by individual members of the IGA, though nominated works do not have to have been published by a member of the Association.

Short articles, individual chapters in longer volumes, original fiction and poetry are not eligible, though scholarly (i.e., introduced, annotated and resourced) editions of Gothic texts may be considered.

Each IGA member is entitled to nominate a book for either prize. Self-nominations are not accepted, but contributors to edited collections are allowed to nominate the collection in which they have published their work.

A panel of past Presidents and winners will assess the nominations before drawing up a shortlist that will be published on the IGA website. The panel reserves the right not to make an award should no nominated work satisfy the criteria of the prizes.

The panel will advise the serving Co-Presidents of their decision on the winner prior to the IGA conference.

Details for each round of nominations and guidelines will be published in the Blog section of this website.

Previous Winners


Sara Wasson, Transplantation Gothic (MUP, 2020) (Best Monograph)


Carol Davison (ed), The Gothic and Death (MUP, 2017) (Best Edited Collection)

Catherine Spooner, Post-Millennial Gothic: Comedy, Romance and the Rise of Happy Gothic (Bloomsbury, 2017) (Best Monograph)


Tim Jones, The Gothic and the Carnivalesque in American Culture (UWP, 2015) (Joint Best Monograph)

Marie Mulvey-Roberts, Dangerous Bodies: Historicising the Gothic Corporeal (UMP, 2015) (Joint Best Monograph)


Joseph Crawford, The Twilight of the Gothic?: Vampire Fiction and the Rise of the Paranormal Romance (UWP, 2014) (Best Monograph)

 Glennis Byron and Dale Townshend (eds), The Gothic World (Routledge, 2014) (Best Edited Collection)​


Isabella van Elferen, Gothic Music: The Sounds of the Uncanny (University of Wales press, 2012) (Best Monograph)


Diane Hoeveler, Gothic Riffs: Secularizing the Uncanny in the European Imaginary, 1780-1820 (Joint Best Monograph)

Sara Wasson, Urban Gothic of the Second World War (Palgrave, 2010) (Joint Best Monograph)

Conference Sponsorship

The IGA is proud to sponsor smaller conferences with a Gothic focus. Opportunities will be advertised in the Blog section on this site.

Graduate Bursaries

The IGA offers support for students presenting at the IGA conference. Opportunities will be advertised in the Blog section on this site.