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  • IGA 2024 Postgraduate/Graduate Student Bursaries
    Are you attending the IGA Conference in Halifax this year? If you are an IGA member and a (post)graduate student (Masters or PhD) you are eligible to apply for a bursary to support your travel expenses! Simply fill in our application form by 15 June 2024.
  • Gothic Studies Opportunity
    Gothic Studies, the journal of the International Gothic Association, is currently inviting expressions of interest in the role of chief editor. Applicants should submit a CV and covering letter addressing the requirements in the job description to by 15 June 2024. Please note this role is only open to current members of the International Gothic Association.
  • Final Longlists announced for the International Gothic Association Book Prizes 2024
    It is a pleasure to announce the final longlists of all the nominations received for the two IGA book Prizes.
  • My First Encounters with the Gothic: How I became a Dedicatee of the Dark
    I have always been drawn to the dark side. My parents are not into the Gothic, but they unwittingly provided plenty of paths that led me to a fascination with the weird and the wicked. Like Dr Henry Jekyll, I believe this capacity lies within us all – if (in)appropriately triggered in childhood. For those of us lucky enough to be given this early training in terror, the Gothic can take on a darkly delicious nostalgia later in life; a feeling of being at home, a reassuringly unheimlich home.
  • My First Encounter with the Gothic… And the Fascination It Triggered
    I remember quite correctly the first time I saw a goth person. It was on TV. In the west part of Québec, the city where I grew up, non-conventional looking people were — and still are — a rare sight. Plus, my family was never really fond of gothic literature, let alone goth rock or horror movies. The forbidden attracts, I guess.
  • Alert all Gothicists! TIGHTLY TIME-LIMITED EXTENDED DEADLINE for the IGA book prizes nominations to Tuesday 26th March 2024 at 12 noon UK time
    Greetings all! We have already prepared long lists of all nominations received, and these works will remain. However, on March 19th the team learned that one email, containing two nominations, was sent by the deadline but was not received due to a unique and rare technical obstacle between sender and recipient. Neither the nominator nor the Secretary were at fault; technology, on the other hand, is clearly a fallible ally, but at least it isn’t plotting Skynet calamity. There is no evidence of any other failed email nominations, and we have scrutinised all communications rigorously over many hours. However, just to make *absolutely* sure that no nominations fell afoul of the whims of electronics, we are reopening very briefly for nominations until 12 noon UK time on Tuesday 26th March 2024. The existing long list entries remain: works submitted now will supplement these. Please email any ADDITIONAL (not existing) nominations to the following two addresses: (Secretary) AND To be particularly meticulous, we ask all nominators to ensure that they receive a confirmation email from the Secretary. If you don’t receive confirmation within 48 hours, please reach out to both the Secretary and The Co-Presidents have asked me to underline that no further amendments will be made to the submission dates. I want to reiterate my firm commitment to the integrity of these important prizes. Nothing will stop us in carefully facilitating this award process. Only IGA members are eligible to nominate. For date eligibility and further information about the process, please see the original call for nominations. Best wishes Sara, Matt and the Co-Presidents  
  • CFP: Devils and Justified Sinners – 2024 Conference
    An ONLINE conference on 24th and 25th August 2024 marking the 200th anniversary of James Hogg’s Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner REVISED SUBMISSION DATE: 31st MARCH 2024
  • CFP: Rotting Corpses: Ecocritical Approaches to Death and Decomposition
    Edited Collection Title: Rotting Corpses: Ecocritical Approaches to Death and Decomposition Editors: Sara Crosby, Carter Soles, and Ashley Kniss
  • A Dream that Leads Me to Become a Gothic Studies Researcher: My Encounter with Gothic
    One of my favourite quotes about Gothic is by David Punter’s legend, from the Literature of Terror. “Gothic was chaotic … ornate and convoluted; where the classics offered a set of cultural models to be followed, Gothic represented excess and exaggeration, the product of the wild and the uncivilised”. What he implies here is what most of us might agree with. What he meant with this quote is that it (Gothic) embraces chaos, complexity, excess, and elements considered wild and uncivilised. This implies that most of our wild and uncivilised dreams lead to encounters with the gothic.
  • Call for nominations for the IGA Book Prizes
    Call for nominations by February 29th
  • Dracula and why I fell in love with the Gothic
    I cannot remember a time when I was not fascinated by the uncanny and the supernatural. Since childhood the macabre has had a strong pull over me. This was most firmly expressed when I was just seven years old and had my first encounter the Gothic.
  • OGOM Halloween Events
    Throughout October, Open Graves, Open Minds have a series of seasonally spooky events to celebrate Halloween. See the full post for more details.