Sayantan Lahiri

Affiliation: University of Hyderabad

Research Areas:
Period: 19th Century Gothic, 20th Century Gothic, 21st Century Gothic
Gender: Gothic Masculinity, Gothic Gender
Interdisciplinary Approaches: Eco-Gothic, Folklore and Myth, Technology, Medicine and Science, Gothic Music, Gothic Fashion
Genres and Media: Fiction, Film and TV, Children and YA
Regions and Cultures: Postcolonial Gothic, African Gothic, American Gothic, Asian Gothic, European Gothic, Latin American Gothic, Middle-Eastern Gothic, Southern American Gothic
Creatures: Aliens, Animals, Ghosts, Monsters, Zombies

Sayantan Lahiri is currently working as an Institute of Eminence (IoE) funded Research Intern at the University of Hyderabad, India. The research project focuses on establishing decolonial Indian Research Methodologies (IRM) from Sanskrit Texts. After finishing his MA in English Literature (gold medalist) from the same university, he wishes to pursue research in the areas of postcolonial Gothic, ageing studies, medical humanities, Indian writing in English, posthumanism and cultural studies.