Ceren Ordu

Affiliation: Ege University

Research Areas:
Period: 18th Century Gothic, 19th Century Gothic, 20th Century Gothic
Gender: Female Gothic
Interdisciplinary Approaches: Eco-Gothic
Genres and Media: Arts, Fiction, Film and TV, Poetry
Regions and Cultures: Postcolonial Gothic, American Gothic, Nordic Gothic
Creatures: Aliens, Animals, Ghosts, Monsters, Vampires, Zombies

Ceren Ordu received her Bachelor’s degree from Ege University, Faculty of Letters/Department of American Culture and Literature in 2022. Currently, she is a Master’s student in the same department at Ege University. Her areas of interest include but are not limited to Gothic, Eco-Gothic, Cli-Fi, Poetry, and Popular Culture.

Email: cerenordu0@gmail.com