Victoria McMahon

Research Areas:
Period: Early Modern Gothic, 18th Century Gothic, 19th Century Gothic, 20th Century Gothic, 21st Century Gothic
Gender: Female Gothic, Gothic Gender
Interdisciplinary Approaches: Eco-Gothic, Folklore and Myth, Technology, Medicine and Science, Spirituality and Religion
Genres and Media: Arts, Fiction, Film and TV, Poetry, Theatre and Performance
Regions and Cultures: Postcolonial Gothic, American Gothic, Arctic Gothic, Canadian Gothic, European Gothic, Irish Gothic, Scottish Gothic, Welsh Gothic
Creatures: Aliens, Animals, Ghosts, Monsters, Vampires, Zombies

I hold a PhD in Shakespeare Studies specialising in the early modern female body, especially the ageing body. I take a cross-disciplinary approach to my independent research, lately focusing on arctic horror, body horror and the films of David Cronenberg.