Rev. Dr. Daniel Medina

Affiliation: Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary

Research Areas:
Period: Early Modern Gothic, 18th Century Gothic, 19th Century Gothic, 20th Century Gothic
Interdisciplinary Approaches: Folklore and Myth, Gothic Music, Spirituality and Religion
Genres and Media: Arts, Comics and Graphic Novels, Poetry
Regions and Cultures: American Gothic, Caribbean Gothic, European Gothic, Irish Gothic, Tropical Gothic, Welsh Gothic
Creatures: Ghosts, Vampires

Daniel Medina was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Miami, Florida. A graduate of Florida International University, Daniel went on to serve in U.S. Military Intelligence. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Oklahoma and St. Thomas University (Florida Center for Theological Studies), Miami Gardens, FL, where he earned his doctorate with distinction.

Daniel has also written and presented lectures on several topics, including Charles Williams’ Theology of Romantic Love and Co-Inherence, Zen Meditation, Mindfulness, World Religions and Spirituality, Conflict Resolution, José Marti, and the American Transcendentalist Movement. Dr. Medina is a public schoolteacher and an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ.

Daniel is also a painter, musician, and photographer. He grew up in the effervescence of punk, was raised in the euphoria of the 80s, was an adept of the pre-Goth subculture, and reflects of the vastness of a movement seeking, desiring, and demanding to be – children of the Sun.

He lives in Little Havana.