Jacqueline Weal

Affiliation: Langara College

Research Areas:
Period: Early Modern Gothic, 18th Century Gothic, 19th Century Gothic, 20th Century Gothic, 21st Century Gothic
Gender: Female Gothic
Interdisciplinary Approaches: Eco-Gothic, Folklore and Myth, Gothic Music, Gothic Fashion
Genres and Media: Arts, Film and TV, Poetry, Tourism and Travel, Virtual Gothic
Regions and Cultures: Postcolonial Gothic, American Gothic, Arctic Gothic, Asian Gothic, Black Gothic, Canadian Gothic, Caribbean Gothic, Creole Gothic, European Gothic, Irish Gothic, Latin American Gothic, Middle-Eastern Gothic, Nordic Gothic, Scottish Gothic, Southern American Gothic
Creatures: Animals, Ghosts, Monsters, Vampires

I studied art/design, worked in fashion, then studied literature/film. I have taught at Langara since 2004, including shapeshifters, biographies, and rom-coms, and co-instructed the Gothic Field School.

Email: jrweal@gmail.com