Cynthia Jones

Affiliation: Weber State University

Research Areas:
Period: 18th Century Gothic, 19th Century Gothic, 20th Century Gothic, 21st Century Gothic
Gender: Female Gothic, Gothic Masculinity, Queer Gothic, Trans Gothic, Gothic Gender
Interdisciplinary Approaches: Folklore and Myth, Technology, Medicine and Science
Genres and Media: Fiction, Film and TV, Theatre and Performance, Tourism and Travel
Regions and Cultures: American Gothic, Canadian Gothic, European Gothic
Creatures: Monsters, Vampires, Zombies

My research centres on the literary and cultural representations of monsters, vampires, zombies, and werewolves. I focus on corporeal representations of the monstrous and notions of the liminal as a reflection of societal values, fears, and norms. Other research interests include: French decadence, 19th century French literature, 18th century literature and philosophy, folklore and fairy-tales, and theatre.